Friday, June 13, 2014

LET'S RE-INVADE IRAQ! (it worked out so well the first time, why not?)

           Like a dog to its vomit, certain pundits and elected officials can be counted upon to return to the scene of their most humiliating failures.  Even when faced with overwhelming evidence of their own glaring, tragic mistakes, they are still capable of insisting their original decisions were justified, and feel confident enough in their prognosticating abilities to urge us to repeat those errors on an even grander scale.

           For the record, no one in his right mind should put a microphone in front of John McCain or Lindsay Graham or ask either of them for their opinions on America's future military options in Iraq.  Anyone who suggests we suddenly recommit troops or begin "surgical" air strikes in that godforsaken country needs the help of a mental health professional, not a position of authority in the United States Senate.

          But you'll hear a lot of neocons from the Bush Reign of Error clamoring for military intervention in Iraq.  They'll point to the thousands of dead American servicemen and caution us to not allow them to have died in vain.  They'll point to the trillions of lost national treasure spent propping up an infrastructure we paid dearly to destroy in the first place.  They'll say our contractors on the ground in Iraq need our protection, as do our loyal allies in the Iraqi government.

           And they're full of shit on every count.

           Colin Powell tried to warn Curious George about invading Iraq by using the Pottery Barn adage of "you broke it, you bought it", and was ignored.  Well, we broke it, and paid through blood and treasure for the benefit of a few well connected defense industry power brokers.  Now those same corporate whores want more no-bid contracts and unlimited resources to go back for a do-over.  What's a few thousand more dead Americans when our national reputation is on the line?  We simply can't allow Iraq to become a terrorist stronghold, now can we?

           What horseshit.  What unmitigated horseshit.  

           Iraq has imploded exactly like every other country we've "rescued" since Korea.  We had barely gotten our boots off the ground (and the embassy hotel) before South Vietnam fell to the Viet Cong.  The threat we currently face from Iran is a direct result of our intervention in their internal politics decades ago.  And if it were up to the neocons, we'd have troops in Syria, Libya, and half a dozen other hotspots around the globe.

            Before anyone even considers a military option to the chaos we've spawned in Iraq, why don't we turn first to the people who would have to carry out that mission?  Why aren't the commanders of our military forces calling for re-engagement?  Why do we not hear anyone in uniform clamoring for another massive invasion to secure Baghdad?  

            Because they know what a clusterfuck it would be.  Because they know a lost mission when they see one.  Because they don't want the blood on their hands again.  And because they can already see the same chaos happening in Afghanistan as soon as we've removed the military deterrent to a complete Taliban takeover of that country.  They know better than to think an unending American military presence in every hellhole on Earth is a viable option.

            But you'll hear a deafening chorus of "Send in the Troops" from the Bill Kristols of the world, and no doubt Darth Cheney will crawl from his crypt to mutter derogatory rhetoric about the current administration's "failed policies".  And a certain cable news network will portray each and every escalating atrocity in Iraq as proof of Obama's incompetence and weakness.

             But let's try to remember how this fucking mess came to be in the first place.  Let's rewind the tapes and roll the footage of those same assholes demanding we invade that country to prevent this sort of thing from happening in Iraq.  

             And then let's promise to bitch slap the first son of a bitch who suggests we send our kids back there for another Halliburton stock dividend.


bj said...

Sooooo ... let's put this in perspective. Putin ... is an invading asshole who is destabilizing Eurasia .... but WE ... would be protecting our interests in Iraq and assisting our allies .... in IRAN ..... from allowing the Taliban to establish a sovereign nation.
Fuck 'em ALL! EVERY living person in that shithole region of this big blue marble is not werth the life of one of Americas sons or daughters.
I'm beginning to believe it doesn't matter which party occupies the Whitehouse .... Halliburton and Xe set foreign policy.

squatlo said...

Not sure I want to dismiss the worth of a life anywhere, but tend to agree with the basic sentiment...

What amazes me is the nerve of people who have been consistently wrong about every damn thing stepping up to assert their firmly held convictions that THIS time they're correct, and have all the answers (to the problems their mistakes have caused us in the first place).

The hubris of the terminally obtuse is staggering.

Grung_e_Gene said...

Of course, Conservative Chickenhawk Commandoes will clamour for MOAR WAR in Iraq it won't be them or theirs out in harm's way.

But, don't worry the Conservative Media and the Republican Party will spend the precious little time not devoted to Benghazi/Bergdahl pounding home the narrative that W(orst POTUS Ever) planted the Tree of Jeffersonian Democracy in Iraq only to have it pulled out by the roots by that Kenyan Marxist Traitor in the White House.

Ol'Buzzard said...

Many of us knew this was a no win situation from the very beginning. When you don't know history you are bound to repeat it. This is, and has been for a century, an area of religious turmoil - and there is nothing we can do to change it.

the Ol'Buzzard

microdot said...

We all knew it was a phony set up and a totally wrong idea from the very beginning...the most ridiculous moment so far, is the deranged outrage of Pat Robertson who said on his 700 Club broadcast on Monday, "“And so to sell the American people on weapons of mass destruction, he had WMD and was getting [concentrated uranium] yellowcake out of Africa and all of that, it was a lot of nonsense,” the TV preacher said. “We were sold a bill of goods, we should never have gone into that country! ”In the end, Robertson reckoned that there would be conflict in Iraq until an Antichrist appeared before the Second Coming of Christ.

“They will continue to play out until such times that the Lord brings out of Babylon some evil Antichrist or something,” he remarked.

For the record, in the lead up to the Invasion, Robertson did oppose it using biblical evidence but after it commenced, he was gung ho in total support of Bush.

microdot said...

I just want to add that though, Robertson is unbelievably right for once, he is unbelievably, incredibly, stupendously right for all the wrong reasons! He's a pisser, eh?

squatlo said...

Robertson is like the broken clock theory... right twice a day. But he's rarely right even once.

It's amazing who gets a public forum, actually. We seem to emulate stupidity in America.